Lo studio

The Office

The Bevilacqua Notary Office was founded in Italy almost one hundred years ago, and today operates as a professional partnership under the guidance of Notaries Guido Bevilacqua and Francesco Simoncini.

The Office has two main offices, one in Pordenone, the second in Sacile. Branch offices have also been established in Prata di Pordenone and Villotta di Chions.

The Office has been the first Notary Office certified ISO 9001-2008 in the Province, and among the first ten in the whole Italy.

The outstanding feature of the partnership is the ability of the Notaries and their assistants, attorneys and researchers to provide professional assistance backed by excellent technical and scientific expertise. This level of specific and specialized service has brought the Office widespread recognition in complex transactions and special operations which require a series of transversal skills and an all-encompassing vision of civil and business law.

The Office provides assistance to numerous private individuals and companies for the management of their property and movable assets, placing at their disposal vast experience in techniques for the protection of assets and in the delicate process of the transfer of wealth between generations.

The Office provides its clients with highly-specialized consultancy services and innovative, effective professional advice.