I notai


Guido Bevilacqua, born in 1963, graduated in Law from the University of Florence, appointed notary in Pordenone in 1994, where he still holds the Office.
He teaches at the Sciola forense of Pordenone, founder member of Insignum, Supervisory adviser of Unione Professionale fiduciaria S.p.A. and member of the Society Commission of the Comitato Interregionale dei Consigli Notarili delle Tre Venezie. He’s married with two kids.

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Francesco Simoncini, born in 1954, graduated in Law from the University La Sapienza in Rome, appointed notary in in Aviano in 1983, he practised notary profession in Aviano, Roma, Pordenone and now in Sacile.
He's the President of Consiglio Notarile of Pordenone and Insignum. He's married with a daughter.

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